I Spent A Day At A Castle. 07/06/17

Castles have always excited me. From the stunning architecture to the sometimes daunting and peculiar history of these beautiful buildings makes me love them even more.

IMG_0655 (2)

Now, here in Canada we don’t have great fortresses scattered amongst the country. We are more acquainted with rolling hills and vast plains that are barely touched by civilisation. These are not bad things to be acquainted with and I am happy to live in such a beautiful place. But yet, the idea of visiting a castle still excites me.

IMG_0671 (2)

So, it was only right that myself and my sister make our way to the closest (and only) castle within the area – Casa Loma. This is not your average castle, as it was not commissioned by a great king or lord, but a man with a passion and an eye for success. The castle itself is only about 100 years old (1914-present), but like many other castles it does hold some rich history. Now, I won’t delve too much into its historic highlights but if it interests you I do recommend doing a little research on the topic.

IMG_0532 (2)

Now, my day at a castle. I must admit this is not my first time visiting Casa Loma, and I do hope it will not be my last. We (my sister and I) wanted to focus on three things while there: the tower, the tunnels, and the garden. These were the things that most excited us and I couldn’t be more happy with our decision.

IMG_0567 (2)

The first stop was the tower. The wait time for this bit of the castle was quite long, but it was decidedly well worth the wait. There was a series of tunnels and small rooms that we had to venture through in order to get through the tower. All of which contained beautiful exposed brick and large wooden beams throughout.

IMG_0553 (2)

Once we finally reached the top of the tower, we were able to step outside to look out over top of the city. One detail we noticed was this little creature. Some people have gargoyles on their pillars and some people have overly excited unicorns. I thought this added touch was very unique and quirky. It sure gave the building some more character.

IMG_0609 (2)

Next on our list of things to do was to visit the underground tunnels. The tunnels were dimly lit and cool and a lot less populated than the rest of the house. It definitely added to the creepy factor but I think that’s what made the experience even better. If you enjoy anything creepy, I would absolutely recommend visiting tunnels underneath really old buildings. Here’s an old sign that was hung on the wall down in one of the rooms of the tunnel. The rusted and aged look of the sign made me feel like we were waltzing into what could have been a speak-easy location in the 1920’s.

IMG_0593 (2)

Amongst other things in the tunnels, there were random doors leading to underground passage to nearby houses and establishments, as well as random windows. I’m not sure what the original use for these were (since we were underground so a window wouldn’t be necessary), but it looked like these may have been some sort of chute. Either way, they added a nice touch to the spooky underground world.

IMG_0592 (2)

Last thing on our to do list was to visit the gardens. These were beautiful and somewhat secluded despite being in the middle of a roaring city. It was nice to end our visit exploring the grounds of the castle when it was such a lovely day. The entire visit was a success and I could not be happier about our decision to go. Sometimes life needs a little bit of adventure in it, and castles are always a good idea.

Bye for now!
Love, Kelsey Alexandra.

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